About ipears

Learn about ipears, the blog of Jan van Iperen.

ipears.com is the blog, log, writing sandbox of Jan van Iperen. A playful iteration and translation of Jan's last name, ipears became his online nickname long time ago.

As of 2023, after a long dormant state, ipears.com is back to being an active website with infrequent musings, observations and informational writings.

About Jan van Iperen

Jan is your go-to Dutch intermediary with strong skills in food, beverage and ag supply chains. He maintains a loyal network and influence in the juice and citrus industry, for over 25 years. Jan enforces cross-pollinations in industries and networks, leverages connections and adds value.

He is business developer, advisor and evangelist to organizations in food and ag(tech), tinkers with code and no-code, and publishes newsletters for different niche industries.

Jan van Iperen
Connecting and Informing People, mostly in Food Supply Chains.